Recipe Software May 23, 2009

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For those who write or create recipes regularly, it could be a laborious and cumbersome task. I wondered if people with food and beverage blogs who need to post recipes have an efficient way of doing it – like using a recipe template.

I googled “recipe software” and was amazed to discover that there are at least 10 different programs. What I was looking for in particular was  software that had a built-in memory so that if I wrote say “2 tablespoons”, it would pick it up, saving me precious seconds to write out the rest of the measurements and procedure.

My online research about recipe software revealed interesting features that are now standard and built into many software programs:

* recipe search

* recipe editing

* recipe categorization

* adjustable serving portions

* detailed ingredients analysis

* printing shopping lists and recipe cards

A few recipe software programs have additional features like the capability to add new recipes, photographs and videos, spell checker, recipe drag and drop, menu planners (weekly, monthly), package size conversion, nutritional data, tutorials and a few more features.

The web site Ten Top Reviews ( looked at 10 recipe software programs and did a side-by-side comparison.  The criteria they used were extensive and included customer ratings. 

Fortunately the price range for these recipe software programs is not out of reach, they sell between $20.00 and $45.00.  That’s a steal, given that most of them contain thousands of recipes because they’ve partnered up with the big cooking/baking names like Betty Crocker and Homes and Garden.

recipe software If you’re looking for a recipe software program that will make your work easier, visit the link I provided above and read the reviews. 

I might try Oven Bake.  It had the highest ratings.  I’ll have to find out though if it offers a trial period.  It looks promising and if it performs   as it claims, food bloggers will find it a useful tool. 

Oh, one last thing:  a few programs have the “mobile” feature.  This means if you’re in the grocery store, you can just log on using your phone to find out what ingredients you need to buy.  This way, you don’t need to call home and ask your house mate to dig up the recipe and read out the ingredients to you – assuming of course someone’s home!