Two Posts for the Price of None! March 19, 2010

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For today’s blog, I’m featuring two Easter sweet tooth treats.  The first – which I made – is a colorful Neapolitan cake.  I got the recipe from the Robin Hood web site.  Their cake looked much better than mine, but I’m happy I managed to get the swirl (middle photo).  Robin Hood says all you need is a toothpick to create that swirl effect. 


When I made it, I thought I’d get some matching ice cream to complement the cake’s pink, brown and white colors.  As you know, Neapolitan ice cream comes in the same colors, and when it’s sunny outside and the air smells of spring, this cake and ice cream combo would tickle the fancy of both young and old.

neapolitan cake  neapolitan cake 2 neapolitan 3


The second sweet tooth treat is from King Arthur Flour of Vermont.  I received their newsletter this morning and I was immediately hypnotized. I’m going to try them soon because I was "enchanted" with the way Mary Jane Robbins shared her step-by-step instructions.  As you read her post, you get that feeling that she’s smiling as she’s describing it.  She’s a blogger for the King Arthur Flour (KAF) web site and she talks about how her love for pysanky (decorated Ukranian eggs) inspired her to create these incredible cookie designs.  I’m posting the photo here of the cookies but you’ll have to go to the KAF web site  if you want to learn how to decorate the cookies (  Talk about true inspiration.  Looking at the photos lures you into some sort of Wonderland. Again, all you need are toothpicks, pastry decorating bags (you can use plastic ones) and your Microsoft Word program to make the oval shape for the cookies. 

You have to read Ms. Robbins post.  Just look at these cookies! One look at them and in no time, you’ll be itching to don your apron and to put your fingers into gear!


eastereggs_450w(Image:  King Arthur Flour)  


Happy Easter everyone!  Whatever you choose to do – cake, cookies, or both – make them with that Easter spring feeling!


6 Responses to “Two Posts for the Price of None!”

  1. kiwidutch Says:

    Gosh this looks good.. all of it ! I’m saving this post for future reference. Thanks SOTSIL!

  2. Darlene Says:

    Those cakes are making me salivate!

  3. Frank Says:

    Thanks for sharing this blog. It really is easy to do. And you can use the same technique for Spider Webs on Halloween Cookies. Frank @ KAF.

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