Filled Buns: Budget Meal # 6 February 2, 2010

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petit pains1

A good friend gave me this recipe more than 10 years ago.  It’s called petits pains fourrés – which means “small filled buns” (the verb “fourrer” in French means “to fill”).

When I read the recipe, I decided it was doable.  When I was still working, I used to tell my colleagues that I could not, would not, make recipes with a list of ingredients a mile long.  They knew that if a recipe had more than seven ingredients, there was no point trying to convince me to try it.

Those were the days when I had zero appreciation for cooking.  I was what my French Canadian friends would call a “barbare” (a barbaric person) because I had the habit of eating out of cans or going for take-out.  They found it strange that a person who loved to eat didn’t want to cook.  It was a disturbing contradiction.

I never made the petits pains fourrés.  The recipe got buried in my junk bin and was relegated to oblivion.  Then after the holidays, I was clearing out my kitchen cupboards and voila – there it was!  I remembered my friend.  She must have wondered whether I gave this one a kick at a can.  I did make them early this year and will make them again.  They hit the spot.  This recipe’s a keeper!

If you have young kids who are ravenous after school, they’d grab these buns and gobble them up in a nano second.

You’ll need:

Half a pound of lean ground beef (more if your kids bring home their friends)

1 small can of Cream of Mushroom (I use Campbell’s)

1 tbsp mustard

Onions (optional)

12 salad rolls (I used burger buns, so the filling was enough only for 2 large buns)

To make the filling:

1.  Pre-heat oven to 350 F.

2.  Brown onions and meat.  Drain excess fat.

3.  Add soup and mustard.  Stir until you obtain a smooth texture.  Reduce heat and let simmer until thickened – about 15 minutes.

4.  Fill rolls with meat mixture (like filling in open faced sandwiches).

5.  Bake rolls until they turn golden brown (about 6 minutes).

A great budget meal.  It will cost you:

$3.50 for a tray of ground beef (you’ll probably use only half)

$1.50 for the soup (if it’s on sale, you could get it for under a dollar)

$ 0 for the mustard (you might have it in your cupboard.  Or next time you go to McDonald’s, pick up a few mustard packs).

$0.20 for onion

That comes to a total of $5.00 – well, slightly over $5.00.  My calculation is based on two adults, or 1 adult and 2 kids, one eating session.  If you want leftovers, you’ll have to add more ground beef and soup!

What does one say, in French, after eating des petits pains fourrés?  “Ayoy, je suis bourrée” (Oh goodness, I’m stuffed).


2 Responses to “Filled Buns: Budget Meal # 6”

  1. Darlene Says:

    I know of a certain person who would eat this, minus the onion. Seems like a perfect food to make if you have all the ingredients on hand.

    • sotsil Says:

      Yes, Darlene, I like the fact that it has less than 7 ingredients. I had an idea after I posted this. It would be nice to add a small amount of peas and carrots (from the can, of course) 🙂

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