Think "Soft" and "Wheat" are Contradictions? January 23, 2010

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Not these wheat buns which I made last week. 

wheat buns1

I had close to a bag full of whole wheat flour and thought it was time I used some before it turned stale.  Since I started baking 11 months ago, I’ve been hesitant to make rolls with wheat because I was afraid they wouldn’t have that tender texture that white dough bread recipes are known for.

I took an old recipe which I posted some months back:  This called for white flour.  To vary it, I substituted the white flour with whole wheat flour and combined it with an equal amount of cake and pastry flour.  I also threw in 1/4 cup of potato flakes and 1/4 cup of almond powder.  Some bakers make pastry with mashed potatoes to make them ultra soft and flaky, but I opted for potato flakes so I could skip two steps (boiling and mashing).

These wheat buns did not disappoint.  They stayed soft until the third day without refrigeration.  I put about 6 buns in the freezer.

You can hardly taste the almond powder.  I think I won’t add this ingredient the next time.  I will also take out the bread crumbs as a topping and substitute the matte finish of the egg wash with a more glossy finish.  A wash made of egg yolk and 15% cream would yield that shiny look.

Critics will say I negated the benefits of whole wheat by adding cake and pastry flour.  I’m afraid I can’t resist this flour, even for making breads.  Truth is, I don’t use it to make pastry (since most recipes call for all-purpose anyway); I use it every time a bread recipe contains wheat flour.

You’ll welcome these to your breakfast table.  They go nicely with an egg salad filling mixed in with bacon bits or just your blueberry or strawberry jam.  You may want to try it with goat cheese as well!  For a more attractive appearance, you can also use a bread stamp (the petal bread stamp would make these wheaties a tad sexier) or slash them artistically!

wheat rolls2


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