Don’t Scrimp on Shrimp! October 23, 2009

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shrimps and snowpeas

Back in May, I posted a shrimp recipe with green beans.  Here’s the link:

The picture on the left is a variation of that recipe.  This time instead of green beans, I used snow peas and carrots.

Back when I was all skin and bones and my poor mother was at her wits’ end trying to fatten me up, the doctor said I had an allergy to shrimps.  Fortunately, that allergy didn’t last too long and I started eating shrimps and loving them.  They may be high in cholesterol but my mother could not have cared one bit because she thought of me as a malnourished-looking waif; she didn’t want neighbors and friends to think that she was to blame for my impoverished look.  She encouraged my love for shrimps and cooked meals which I devoured.  I was particularly crazy about her camaron rebosado (deep-fried shrimp in batter – similar to the Japanese tempura).  The fact that my father also loved shrimp made it a household staple.  During those days, we were more concerned about good quality shrimps and where to buy them than about the cholesterol issue.

I keep a bag of frozen shrimps available at all times because they’re one of the easiest to improvise a meal with.  Foodies will say there’s a world of difference between fresh and frozen, but I don’t mind that difference one bit because there will always be ingredients that can enhance the taste of frozen shrimp.  With a bit of creativity, imagination and enthusiasm, you can really whip up a dream meal.

What I like about this recipe is the cracker-barrel crunch offered by the snow peas and the carrots.  The trick is not to overcook them so they get just the right crunchiness.  And it’s a meal that needs no salad as a side dish because you’ve got your vegetables already.

Here’s the recipe (it’s so simple – you might even say, “hey this is just like the way they make it at the Chinese restaurant!”):


method for shrimp and snow peas

As a matter of interest, shrimp contains many vitamins and minerals, notably niacin, vitamins B-12 and D, iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorous, and others; it is also high in protein.  For every 100 grams of shrimp, you get the equivalent of 444 kj of energy!


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