Forbes Helps Itself in the Kitchen June 4, 2009

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Private citizens whip something special in their kitchens with the oven light on vigil and their adoring five-year old staring at the freshly-baked crumble.  Hubby and children who gather around the table eager to sink their teeth into mom’s masterpiece give her – at least for a few fleeting moments – that “star” feeling.  No doubt it fades quickly as soon as it’s time to clean up.

Imagine what it’s like for the lucky ones who love cooking and get paid for doing what they enjoy.  Ah, to be a famous chef! It’s not the oven light anymore, it’s a cluster of TV spotlights and a kitchen equipped with accoutrements deserving of world attention. And instead of admiration from a five-year old, a famous chef commands the attention of young and old, all of them ravenous.

Earnings from TV shows, books, endorsements and  network programs can make chefs say “life as I always wanted it – well done!”

Well done indeed.  Last August, Forbes came out with the top ten earners in the kitchen.  Number 1 slot went to wholesome and gifted Rachel Ray.  As Forbes put it, she certainly knows “how to build a brand.”  Dunkin Donuts must be thrilled.  She loves their donuts. Ray is worth a cool US$18 million a year.

A close second is Wolfgang Puck of Spago fame coming in at $16 million.  The top-10 list of Forbes’ writer Chaniga Vorasarun has two women and eight men.  You can read the article here:

Chef quiz:

Question:  who is the chef known for his fiery temper and unforgiving nature in the kitchen?

Answer:  Gordon Ramsay.  (# 3 on the Forbes list)

Question:  who wrote bestseller Kitchen Confidential in 2000?

Answer:  Anthony Bourdain (# 10 on Forbes list)


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