About Me May 6, 2009

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My goodness, NOT another food blog!


Why not?

There won’t be anything special about this blog to make it stand out above the rest (I struggle with SEO as it is), but I’ll make sure that I can offer a fresh perspective on food and anything related to it  (that includes morsels (trivia) recipes, tips and gadgets, perhaps a bit of history, and every now and then, a book review).

I dedicate this blog to my parents, SOTera and SILver.  They’ve since passed away but when they were alive, the family always ate together, and eating was a sacred exercise.   Not that we were gourmet enthusiasts and ate in the best restaurants.  Far from it. 

I do thank my parents for teaching us what and how to eat.  My father wanted at least three kinds of courses on the table:  fish or meat or chicken, vegetables and soup.  He wanted wholesome meals minus the fuss and fancy trimmings.  He had a preference for taste, and wasn’t too keen on presentation.  As for my mother, she didn’t believe in skimping; she could whip up an appetizing meal just as easily as she could play Gershwin on the piano.

My parents knew I disliked cooking.  It was only after dad died that I took to the kitchen – now my “safe” haven and refuge.  It’s too bad I can’t show them the recipes I picked up from books, friends and the Internet.  They  would have been tickled pink, because I used to tell them that staying more than five minutes in the kitchen was oppressive.  I would say that often to discourage them from nurturing any hope that I would one day change my mind.

I did change my mind, don’t ask me why.  Now all I want to do is talk about food, and I scavenge for recipes everywhere, yearning to be creative – especially with bread and pastry. 


WARNING:  I’m not trying to be another Nigella Lawson or Rachael Ray – not by a long shot.  So please don’t lean on me for expertise. 

But…we can have some fun!



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